Presented by Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment, and John Gertz in association with Zorro USA, LLC

In the scorching heat of California in 1805, a pueblo is under attack from its autocratic leader. Only a hero can save them. When the danger is at its greatest, a masked crusader appears from nowhere and saves lives. Who is he? Will he be their champion?

The famous tale of the masked hero, El Zorro, fighting for justice and freedom comes to the Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester in an immersive and thrilling new production with passionate, ‘get-on-your-feet’ music by The Gipsy Kings. International hits including Bamboleo, Baila Me and Djobi Djoba, feature alongside original music to tell a fresh new tale of love, courage and spectacle.

The show will see action spreading from the stage through the audience as they become part of the story and witness the thrills and spills of our hero as he battles for everything and everyone he holds dear. Spanish Gypsy pride and fire runs deep throughout the show with great flamenco choreography, Cante jondo singing, magic, music and, of course, sword fights.

The flavour and passion of Spain and 19th Century California comes to Hope Mill and will leave you with racing hearts, dancing on the tables, tasting the tapas and shouting out the name “El Zorro!”

Director: Christian Durham
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Stephen Clark.
Music by Gipsy Kings
Original Story: Stephen Clark and Helen Edmundson
Co-Composer and Adaptor: John Cameron

Pre-show entertainment will begin in the bar from 7:15pm. The show begins at 7:30pm.

Premium Zone: We have limited availability in the ‘Premium Zone’ for each show. These seats will be front row & close to the action!

Production Information


14th & 15th March, 2020


14th March - 18th April, 2020


Previews £16 (+£1.50 booking fee) Concessions from £21 (+ £1.50 booking fee) Full price from £25 (+ £1.50 booking fee)

Show Dates

14th March - 18th April, 2020

Running Time: TBC

Interval: Yes

Age Restrictions: N/A

Any Warnings (smoke / haze / etc): TBC

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