Turn On Fest: If Not Then When Now

In collaboration with Creatures of Catharsis, Gertrude Schmixon presents a visceral blending of performance art and physical theatre.

In an artistic amalgamation of previous on-stage experiences, Gertrude brings their club-based physical artistry to a theatre space. Claiming new ground, through delving into the depths of their ideas and dragging up any dregs of emotion and intention that remain. A showcase of sorts, their process and presentation of this piece explores the parameters between entertainment and catharsis; beginning a new chapter in their performative story.

Drawing upon their experiences of living, the truest test of endurance, they present themes of confinement, embrace and release. Working with other North West based Queer creatives on costuming and sound design, this piece acts as a debut for Gertrude Schmixon’s journey into a new artistic realm.

Production Information


One Night Only


£5 + £2 booking fee

7pm Doors

7.30pm Performance

Age Restriction:



Nudity | Strong Language