Stage Combat Training – Quarter Staff

Earn a qualification with The Academy of Performance Combat in Quarterstaff at Basic level.


Dates: 6th & 7th August 2016

Times: 10am – 6pm both days

Course Cost: £80

This two day stage combat course gives you the opportunity to train and take one of the Academy of Performance Combat’s Basic level exams. If you are a drama or acting student, an actor new to stage combat or just looking to refresh or learn new skills, then this is for you.

With period dramas and medieval/fantasy epics all the rage, this course offers you the opportunity to swing around the quarterstaff and learn the skills needed to perform fights on stage and screen. Historically this six foot stick weapon caused a huge amount of damage, smashing and breaking anything in its path. It has appeared on stage and screen so often over the years, and to use it means business.

Theatrically, if characters in a production are driven to violence, its inclusion by the writer is usually for a very specific plot purpose, but as a performer to use a weapon such as this requires discipline, safety and precision. Technique and attention to detail is paramount.

This course will teach you the basic techniques and safety aspects needed to perform staged quarterstaff fights convincingly, and will explore the different styles involved when emulating it on stage and screen.


Day one: you will learn the techniques and styles required before moving on to learn a choreographed fight with dialogue.

Day Two: working on your choreographed fight to produce a fight scene presentation, to demonstrate all aspects learnt. In the afternoon of this day an APC examiner will attend and assess the work of the students through a Basic Level Examination, which is an industry and Equity recognised certificate in Stage Combat.

The techniques the students will learn have been tried and tested in performing fights for theatre and film and will stand them in good stead for use should they be called to perform such in their careers.

The Academy of Performance Combat is fully ratified by Equity, its certificates regarded in equal in standing to the BADC and BASSC exams. The APC offer its exams modularly so it’s easier for participants to digest, and to attend, and you get a grade in each weapon instead of one averaged grade over the number of weapons taken in the test. The APC offers a huge range of stage combat training, across all skill levels and a great number of weapon systems. For more information about The APC please visit

Kaitlin Howard is a fully qualified and insured Stage Combat Instructor, trained by the BADC and now affiliated to the APC. Her professional work as an Actress, Stage Combat Instructor, Fight Captain and Fight Director has led her to be considered by many as one of the best at her level. As well as being trained in Stage Combat to the highest levels, her knowledge and training in several Martial Arts and Fencing allows Kaitlin to tailor her teaching style to each student to get the best from their abilities. Her ability as a Fight Director has been recognised by many and she is now on the official training scheme for the Equity Register of Fight Directors. She has also recently been accepted onto the Examiner training with the APC. She not only teaches and directs, but is also a multi award winning professional actress and so is able to use both perspectives to aid her students’ understanding of stage combat. For more information about Kaitlin please visit

NB: Students attending this course do so at their own risk after consideration of their own physical fitness and physical ability. The course is intense and moves safely but swiftly. Please consider this when applying. Loose or sports clothing and suitable footwear should be worn.



*£80 course fee includes all tuition, equipment hire and exam fees. Please note that in the case of cancellations a £25 deduction will be made from all refunds in order to cover administrative, course and examiner overheads.






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