Scratched is a would-be dance performance thrown into chaos. Multiple bodies emerge, move, endure and disappear. As the choreography unfolds, the inconsistent articulation of the task is brought to the surface. This is not whole, not skilled, not dancing. Between the unified ensemble and the individual, there is a desire to dance but an inability to master it. They move together but never in time or in sync, they’re unique, they’re individuals, they’re a discombobulated unity. 

Like too many film trailers playing on a loop, Scratched takes you to the heights and the depths, offering a string of tasters of something just out of reach – something beautiful, something meaningful, something worth all the effort. Snippets of various film trailers are revealed to the audience through the music and imagery, but they have been taken out of their original context and mixed with other art forms to create a new mode of communication.  

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Production Information




2nd - 3rd of August


£12 / £10 (with £1.5 booking fee per ticket)

Show Dates

2nd - 3rd of August

Running Time: TBC

Interval: TBC

Age Restrictions: 12+

Any Warnings: Haze used throughout performance and flashing lights.

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