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Playwrights Toolbox – One Day Masterclass with Paul Kalburgi

This course has been designed to offer a practical approach to writing for stage. Putting some of the theory to one side, these classes will inspire and empower you as you start, or continue to work on your scripts outside of the classroom.

Without the focus of working towards a finished piece of writing, or the deadline of a showcase performance; this supportive group environment will challenge you and arm you with tips, tricks and exercises to aid your writing process.

Based on the intensive ‘Introduction to Playwriting’ course, this shorter course borrows all of the practical exercises, plus lots more besides. Through group challenges, discussions and through sharing stories and ideas, participants will build a ‘toolbox’ of go-to advice to aid, and better, your scripts. We will explore the art of storytelling, narrative structure, character function and creation, the exploitation of arena and key tricks and devices for writing successful narrative and dialogue.

Typical sessions will cover:
How to get past ‘Writers block’
Trimming the fat – when to stop talking!
Arena as character – what’s in a location?
Drama & conflict – raising the stakes
Getting to know you – understanding our characters
Talking dialogue – keeping it real
Plus, structure, plots and subplots.

Sessions are supported by visual aids including paper handouts and screenings of useful interviews, scenes from plays and character studies.

Paul Kalburgi is a British playwright and television producer currently
working on projects in the UK and USA, while residing in Madrid, Spain. His plays have been staged in London and New York, and he continues to write and develop new plays and musical theatre projects in the UK and USA.

The course fee is £45 per person and will run 10am-6pm.

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