Hive North are proud to present twelve electrifying brand new short plays and spoken word pieces by some of the UK’s most exciting LGBTQ+ writers.

This year’s OutStageUs is an adventurous celebration of theatre addressing and exploring issues of sexuality and gender identity.

Created by LGBTQ+ artists, these twelve scripts break down barriers and give an authentic voice to a community still fighting for equality.

OutStageUs is an inspiring annual event celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and its rich history of defiance and activism in the face of adversity. This collection of funny, moving, and inspiring new writing will give our community strength, optimism, and a voice.

This year’s scripts are:

Be A Man by Roo Pilkington
Be A Man looks at the pressures placed on boys from traditionally masculine adult figures and how this reverberates through their lives. Pssst, tell everybody, after school it’s expectation vs confusion in the playground.

Billie’s Vision by Billie Hindle
Billie’s monologue is all about jealousy and envy. Her whole trans experience has been based on envy of those assigned female at birth, here she explores how the trans experience is unique for every individual.

Box Braids by Maz Hedgehog
Maz wrote this piece as an homage to the deep, intimate relationships that can exist
between Black queer people, and the ways it so often escapes easy definition.

Brute by Charlie Tidmas
The inspiration for Brute is Charlie’s personal confrontation of hypermasculinity as a
transman who plays – and has played – some of the most ‘masculine’ sports.

Diane Online by Sarah Hayton
Diane Online explores how someone goes from a stable home, to losing everything, to somehow finding the strength to start over as an older queer woman. But with gags.

Greedy by Lynsey Cullen
Greedy is a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama about a woman in her thirties who
comes out to her friends. Cue the questions, confusion and confessions!

Negative Space by Priyanka Jha
Negative Space was inspired by Ocean Vuong’s autofiction ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’. It’s an exploration of connection and intimacy between audience and writer.

Not Out Out by Alex Joynes
Not Out Out is inspired by Alex’s experiences growing up. This story is life as he saw it
then: it’s dedicated to those who spent the Saturday nights of their adolescence
watching ‘Strictly’ with their mum.

Swirling by Elis Shotton
After hooking up at Mardi Gras in 1991, Matt and William find themselves constantly drawn together over the next 30 years. Swirling explores the changing nature of Manchester Pride and what happens when a one night stand becomes a two night stand becomes a three night stand.

The T-Word by Dian Cathal
The T-Word is what happens when a stand-up bit is taken way too seriously.

Two Floors by Luke Abbott
Two Floors is a post-romantic, romantic comedy in the digital age.

Watermelon by Nathan Hardisty
Watermelon is inspired by a real story told through a friend of a friend about someone’s uh… ‘relationship’ with pieces of fruit. Starting from this provocative image, Nathan built in his own personal experiences.

Production Information


29 September


29 September - 2 October


£15 (+ £1.5 booking fee) / £12 (+ £1.5 booking fee) / £10 preview

Show Dates

29 September - 2 October

Running time: TBC

Interval: Yes

Age Restriction: N/A

Any Warnings: N/A