It’s In The Air!

Wertheim Department Store, Berlin, 1928.

A big sale is on and brings with it the exuberant and diverse personalities of the Weimar Republic. Follow these characters as they scrabble mindlessly for any deal they can get their hands on. We see parents forgetting about their children, mad kleptomaniacs (because why not?) and even a store wedding! All in the name of godless consumerism… there must be something in the air!

With celebrated 20s jazz standards and the first ever lesbian anthem, this showcase will be the UK premiere of the hit German musical Es Liegt in der Luft by composer Mischa Spoliansky and lyricist Marcellus Schiffer in a new exciting and modern English translation. First performed in 1928 with chanteuse Marlene Dietrich in the starring role, the musical encapsulates the alienation within society and mindless extravagance of Weimar’s inter-war years.

Join us for a night of glittering comedic satire and be transported back to cabaret’s golden days in Weimar Berlin. See for yourself that although almost a century has passed, our world is still grappling with the same issues today.


Direction – Anna Cabre-Verdiell

Music- Mischa Spoliansky

Librettist – Marcellus Schiffer

Orchestration – Aaron Breeze & Celia Denore Lopez

English Adaptation – Steven Edis

Poster Design – Claudia Vanacloig

Proudly Sponsored by The Mischa Spoliansky Trust

Production Information


£15 Standard | £12 Concession (+ £2 booking fee)

Running Time  – Approx 50 Mins

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  • Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022 8:00pm

  • Thursday 23rd Jun 2022 8:00pm