Chronicles of a Twisted Tween

Listen to Us is made up of two original performance pieces brought to you by the celebrated theatre company Oldham Theatre Workshop. These carefully observed pieces passionately reflect the world through the eyes of 21st century young people. 

‘Chronicles of a Twisted Tween’ was created by young people aged 8 – 13yrs and is a brand new musical about life, love and learning in your ‘tweens’.

Being 8-13 has always been recognised as a hugely important stage of child development as these are key years during which children develop the identities, traits, skills and attitudes that last long into adulthood.

Children of this age are increasingly engaging in the kind of behaviours and activities that would have once been regarded as adult.

This piece is a glimpse into the lives of tweens, told with dialogue directly taken from the voices of young people aged 8 – 13 years.

Director: Craig Harris

Writer: Craig Harris & Mike Edwards


Production Information




2nd & 3rd of September


£10 (+£1.5 booking fee)

Show Dates

2nd & 3rd of September

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Interval: TBC

Age Restrictions: No

Any Warnings: No

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