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I’m alone.

I’m alone in the dark.

I’m alone in the dark in the night.

I’m alone in the dark in the night and my head swims.

I’m alone in the dark and my head swims with sleepless sadness.

I’m alone when it comes.

It adds scars to my heart.

And I drown.


A journey through the night can be the longest a person has to make. Monsters lurk in the darkness. But so do angels. Dawn is distant, locked behind closed doors and nailed shut windows, shrouded in faded dreams and blazing nightmares.

But morning always comes.

Doesn’t it?

Director: Chris Hallam
Writer: Andrew Sheridan

Production Information




15th - 16th of May


£8 / £5 (+ £1.5 booking fee)

Show Dates

15th - 16th of May

Running Time: 60 minutes

Interval: No

Age Restrictions: 14+

Any warnings: Contains themes surrounding depression and suicide

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