Act Your Age

Act Your Age are delighted to bring their first New Writing Festival to Hope Mill Theatre this summer.

Taking place over three consecutive Mondays, the festival showcases a mix of theatrical plays and staged radio plays written by playwrights from across the globe with the characters predominantly over the age of forty.

Paper Crown by Laura Harper (Theatrical)
Two families live side by side in their identical houses, but their lives, income and relationships couldn’t be more different. One couple dreams and roleplays as the other, but who is the real husband and wife?

The Rise of Jessie Bates by Paul Antokolsky (Staged Radio)
In a cave off the smugglers routes of the 18th century English coast, an enterprising and scheming wife finds her true calling in life. Cases of misidentity, misplacement and misconceptions, this farcical tale of resilient and audacious women proves pirating isn’t just a man’s business.

Stairlift by Brigid Amos (Theatrical)
Ellen and her sister have decided that their stubborn mother needs more support after several falls at home and out and about. As they wait for the moving van, Ellen and her mother’s relationship is tested and they are not in total agreement on the final destination of the removal van.

Virtue by Andrew Seedall (Theatrical)
Tensions and memories are revealed as trans sister Maggie joins her three sisters in the family home to honour the last wishes of their late mother, by holding what ends up to be a less than traditional Catholic rosary vigil the night before the funeral.

Human Habitation by Rob Johnston (Theatrical)
Michael’s got his mental health under control, got on medication and got himself a bedsit. So when the landlord and ex-occupant’s boss turn up and offer him ‘cash-in-hand’ jobs to get him back on his feet, what could possibly go criminally wrong?

Tough Times, Difficult Decisions by Judy Upton (Staged Radio)
Three friends have been hit hard financially due to government cuts. Convinced to join her teenage daughter on a protest, soon Stephanie has swapped her cafe cooked meals for petrol bombs, making sure this year’s social season will go off with a bang.

The Caff by Giancarlo Gemim (Staged Radio)
A small village cafe struggles to make ends meet, and the proprietor struggles with his daughter’s desire to paint nails instead of taking over the family business. In a madcap final move, Guilio persuades the local doctors surgery to take part in an unusual partnership.

Birdman by Wendy Storer (Staged Radio)
Self-proclaimed genius and chicken farmer Dick has collected feathers over the years and is trying to save the world by becoming the next Henry Ford of flight. His incredulous (and cheating) wife shakes off his dreams, but was she too hasty to dismiss his potential?

Open Meeting Closed by Michael Perlmutter (Staged Radio)
The usually ‘open’ AA Meeting has been closed by four of the regular members in order to confront Helen who has been sleeping with all their husbands… well, almost all. Enter a newcomer expecting her first meeting to find support, but instead becomes embroiled in an extraordinary intervention.


Directed by Kitty Ball and Helen Parry

Produced by Steve Connolly, Rebecca-Clare Evans and Will Teller

Production Information




23rd & 30th August + 6th September


£8.5 + £1..5 booking fee

Show Dates

23rd & 30th August + 6th September

Audiences please note that the 3 Mondays feature different shows.

Running time: 2 hours

Interval: Yes

Any Warnings: No

Age Restriction: No