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4th December 202423rd December 2024

Get ready for the funniest, filthiest, most wickedly fabulous pantomime you’ve always wished to see!

Release your inner child, and then leave them at home because this show is not for kids!

In a scandalous twist on the classic fairy tale, it’s time to swipe right on “Tinderella” – the naughtiest adult panto to ever hit the stage! You’re invited to a night of raucous laughter, innuendos, outuendos and unexpected encounters that will have you begging for more!

Tinderella is a whizz on social media, a real influencer, but it’s all a charade because poor Tinders has no money, no man and none of the glamorous life she claims to be living. Until one day, she meets not one, but two Princes in the woods…. But who has the biggest balls? Will this be her happy ending or will she lose more than her shoe?! 

You’ll be gagging for more in this outrageously naughty Panto from the UK’s most renowned Adult Pantomime Producer. 

Expect cheesy anthems, spicy frolics, rib-tickling antics and all the audience participation you could want for all you big boys and girls. Leave the kids at home and grab your glass slippers for TINDERELLA, Two Big Balls, One Happy Ending!


  • May not be politically correct 
  • Happy Endings are guaranteed 
Dates & Times

4th – 23rd December

Minimum Age
Suitable for ages 16 and over

4th and 5th December

Content Warning
Adult Content, Sexual Content, Strong Language and Violence

This Production is not suitable for Children

Tinderella is suitable for ages 16+ Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an Adult!

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