JULIE: The Musical presents

New Musical Scratch Performance

24th June 2023

Join us as we showcase 4 exciting brand new pieces of Musical Theatre from emerging writers from the North


£7 + £2 booking fee

Dates & Times

Saturday 24th June 14:30


Natalie Durkin (She/Her) & Joe Tapper (He/Him)

Ever felt like you were a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? Polly tells the story of one queer-poly person’s journey to acceptance in the face of society’s normative expectations. 

Stuck in the Middle

Tyrese Anyidoho (He/Him) 

Stuck somewhere between a hopeful, queer, adulthood and a traumatic past, Ellis realises that he can’t keep running with his eyes closed forever. After all, you can’t move forward if you’re not willing to move on. 


Maisie India Bircher (She/They) & Cian O’Riain (He/Him) 

Created through a Drama School assignment, Roanoke is a loose, creatively licensed retelling of the story of the lost colony of Roanoke, through the lens of rock-mega-musical theatre, a tale of both history and humanity. 

Gospels for the End of the World

Marina McCready (She/Her) & Jane Morris (She/Her) 

‘Gospels for the End of the World’ is a musical about faith, hope, love, and rewriting our stories. Can two queer couples, separated by 2000 years, find a way to stop the Biblical apocalypse? 

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