Hope Mill Theatre presents

CREATE – Development Sharing

26th January 2024

An evening of new theatre works-in-progress from Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ creatives Hunter Millington, Lucky Roy Singh, Susan Kerr, and Tian Glasgow!  

Hear more about how the works have been developed in post-performance Q+As with the artists, led by Hope Mill Theatre’s Joe Houston and LGBT Foundation’s Paul Martin, have your chance to provide constructive feedback, and help shape the future of LGBTQ+ theatre in the region! 

Performances have been developed with support from CREATE artist bursaries from the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network.  

Dates & Times

Friday 26th January




Made Possible Thanks To…

– Performances developed with support from CREATE artist bursaries from the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network.  
– Lucky Roy Singh’s Aunty Gudi & The Indian Drag Queen is supported by Manchester Pride’s Superbia. 
– CREATE is co-produced by Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network, Hope Mill Theatre, and LGBT Foundation.  
– CREATE is supported Contact, HOME, The Lowry, The Met, and Waterside Arts. 
– Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network is an LGBT Foundation project, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

Susan Kerr

We See Each Other Better With Our Eyes Closed

Being an older Black lesbian in the queer community is interesting. With age comes wisdom but also memory loss. It’s the 21st century and dating White women can still be complicated… Eavesdrop on a conversation exploring love in all its messy complexity, and where things may not quite be what they seem.  

Creative Credits:

  • Written by Susan Kerr
  • Directed by Cheryl Martin
  • Performed by Janelle Thompson and Sofia Antonia Milone
  • Thanks to Gillian Hardie Casting

Hunter Millington

A Northern Tranny Hootenanny

Trans Artist, Drag King and self proclaimed ‘Tranny’ Hunter Millington explores themes of dysphoria, joy and discovering your authentic self in this wild western work. Join him in his journey and sing along with this campy country musical for trans equality *.

Lucky Roy Singh

Auntie Gaudi & The Indian Drag Queen

A celebratory tale of family and acceptance set on Manchester’s Curry Mile. Jay and Aunty Gudi are shopping for the big family wedding but the outfits aren’t the only things not fitting quite right. Jay has something to tell their Aunt, and Aunty Gudi has secrets of her own…  

Creative Credits

  • Written and directed by Lucky Roy Singh
  • Performed by Lucky Roy Singh, Immy Terial, Saba Mirshafiei

Tian Glasgow / New Slang Productions

Code Switch

Who was the first childhood character you identified with? Code Switch is fun, vibrant, comedic show that explores the joyful and empowering story of how queer people of colour in the 80s/90s found their early beloved icons in sci-fi and fantasy, and through them, confidence, coolness, and beauty. How do we use our imaginations to take that extra leap and envision a future where we belong? Based on interviews with northern queer PoC communities. 

* Statement from Hunter  

My name is Hunter Millington and I am Transgender performance artist, Drag King and producer. A Northern Tranny Hootenanny is the story of my transition.  Though it is told through the lens of a musical set in the Wild, Wild, West, all of these experiences actually happened, and this is my lived experience.  

I have chosen to title the piece A Northern Tranny Hootenanny, as I believe right now, in this current cultural and political climate, reclamation and visibility are important. At a time when it is unsafe for many to show their authentic selves, I wear my visibility proudly and want to reclaim words that have been historically problematic.  

My show is about Trans Joy and discovering the authentic self and the journey that takes us on. I believe that when we can share in moments such as this and create joyful and comedic moments around them, the world becomes a little less dark and scary. Lack of understanding creates fear. Fear perpetuates hate. Let us not feel fear around the words that have been used to create hate.   

Join the King of Canal Street in this uplifting, country musical and sing for trans equality. 

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