We want out theatre to be for everyone. Here are the ways we try to make Hope Mill Theatre as accessible as possible. If you have any questions about access at our venue, please get in touch in a way that suits you best.

Our Venue

Hope Mill Theatre has level access, meaning there is step free access to all public areas of the venue.

There is a wheelchair space available for all performances with an essential companion seat next to it.

There is an accessible toilet, with baby change facilities.

Our Performances

We strive to offer a range of accessible performances across our programme. These will be highlighted on Event Pages.

Audio Described

These performances provide an audio description delivered live in-between dialogue which can be picked up through headsets for people who are visually impaired. A Touch Tour before the performance offers an opportunity to explore the set and costumes and to meet the cast. 

BSL Interpreted

These performances have a British Sign Language Interpreter onstage, interpreting anything spoken or sung.


These performances have a caption unit onstage operated to simultaneously display anything spoken or sung onstage, as well as information on sound effects and music. Captioning can be useful when strong accents are used or for people who speak English as a second language, as well as for Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Relaxed Performance

These performances are designed for people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, Tourettes, Epilepsy or anxiety attacks, and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed attitude to movement and noise in the auditorium. There will be adjustments to lighting and sound levels, the theatre will not go fully dark and audience members can enter and exit throughout the performance.

Semi Relaxed Performance

These performances offer a more relaxed environment, the theatre will not go fully dark and audience members can enter and exit throughout the performance. However, there will not be any adjustments to lighting and sound levels.

Access Pricing

Access tickets will be charged at a concessionary rate. Essential Companions tickets are free of charge.

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