WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 17th-21st March: Turn On Fest!

16th March 2021

Time to get the lowdown on this week’s Turn On Fest events.

Here’s what to look out for as we delve a little deeper into our programme, in partnership with Superbia, Manchester Pride’s year round programme of arts and culture.


Fat Roland: Seven Inch

Wednesday 17th March : 19:30

A very real record shop owner reflects on all the best things about owning a very real record shop, complete with very real turntable playing all the classic hits. This comedy routine is built on music references, the finest hand-crafted props and a very exciting retail opportunity.

Join Manchester comic Fat Roland as he presents this Edinburgh Fringe special adaptation of the originally 5-star, one idiot commission for The Lowry.


Make a Scene presents: Quizabella Rossellini

Thursday 18th March : 19:30

The campest queer culture quiz-show you’ll ever see. Make a Scene brings you along for a trivia foray into the most iconic moments from queer cinema, television and internet culture. Manchester queens and nightlife icons compete to see who really knows their Priscilla from their Pariah. Think 8 out of 10 Queens Does Countdown.

Available until Midnight, so you can catch the Drag Race UK final, expect everything from The Wizard of Oz to Chanel the Parrot: just the tonic for your Thursday evening!


Queer all about it

Friday 19th March: 19:30

Dan and Dan of Green Carnation Company, supported by Sam and Sam of Bloody Bandit productions…yes, it’s a thing… have curated a series of monologues from voices less heard within the community. This online sharing deals with themes such as HIV, LGBTQ+ families, LGBTQ+ immigration and faith and sexuality. Dan and Dan talk us through each monologue, the stories behind them, the trials and tribulations of curating theatre in a lockdown and why it’s so important to them to share stories from the LGBTQ+ community.

Join us in celebrating these diverse perspectives from emerging artists!


An Evening with Russell T Davies

Saturday 20th March 20:00

Talk through Russel’s life story, from growing up in Salubrious Passage to the triumph of It’s a Sin and everything in between. From his work in Granada Studios on soap operas that never saw air, the highs and lows of Queer as Folk and Cucumber, to the career milestone of writing for Dr Who. Chatting with the legendary Julie Hesmodhalgh, covering everything from rewriting dialogue in his head to the importance of representation, these two powerhouses of Manchester Television really delve into what makes Russell the writer we know and love.

Russell is a proud Patron of Hope Mill Theatre and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Turn On Fest lineup – not to be missed!


We Kiss in a Shadow

Sunday 21st March 19:00

Olivier and Tony award nominee Jason Carr’s one-man cabaret plays us through showbiz anecdotes andmusical medleys. Journey through the life and work of this celebrated lyricist, composer and orchestrator through the music that influenced it, and even some work of his own. Classic showtunes take on a whole new meaning as they tell the story of one man’s coming out and the life that followed.

In 2019 Jason’s orchestrations filled Hope Mill Theatre with joy in the critically acclaimed MAME. Now, it’s time to sit back, relax and sip a cocktail or two with the man himself.


Check out the full TURN ON FEST lineup and book tickets here: https://hopemilltheatre.co.uk/whats-on


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