Keeping the Cogs Turning

3rd April 2020

One of the ever-present items on Hope Mill Theatre’s To Do List is ‘blog more’. And in this period of finding a positive wherever we can, one is absolutely that we can write some regular blogs, while the space is dark, keeping a conversation going between us and our wonderful community.

Hope Mill are now entering the second week of being ‘dark’ due to the Coronavirus Crisis, a position theatres around the world find themselves in. There is solidarity, there is understanding, there is love, but there is also some fear and much uncertainty about what the future holds.

These last few weeks have consisted of many heartbreaking emails to creatives, cast members and audiences. Shows have grinded to a halt, or been flat out cancelled, and we don’t know exactly when we will be able to open our doors again. Watching the brilliant Zorro company pack their bags after only two previews, signing each others’ programs, taking photos in the space and hugging each other in solidarity was a day we will never forget.

But, amongst the sadness, there is always Hope.

Our small team have been beavering away to keep things moving and we could not be more grateful to our supporters and audience who have donated tickets, become members and sent heart-warming messages in this time.

Hope Mill truly has the most incredible community and we thank you humbly. In our time of greatest need, you have come out in spades to ensure we can keep the theatre alive.


What will we be doing in this time?

Rest assured, we have exciting announcements coming your way. We can’t spill the beans yet, but keep an eye on Hope Mill’s social media & mail outs to be the first to see what we are cooking up. It will be memorable, it will be magical, and it will, of course, be isolation-friendly!

Hope Mill are also seeking new and innovative ways to engage our local community and keep the spirit of theatre alive in Greater Manchester. There are many fantastic initiatives taking place amidst the crisis and we want to contribute, but also offer something that is bespoke to Hope Mill. We are currently in conversation with local community groups close to us about ways we can stay connected in isolation & beginning collaborations with local theatre companies.

Watch this Space!


Have you seen our Hope Mill Memories? 

Our social media is currently being flooded with beautiful Hope Mill Memories. This time presents an opportunity to look back and salute some of the shows that have passed through the Mill; remembering these incredible people & companies.


We have released an exclusive promotional video from our second in-house play production ‘The Exonerated’, directed by our very own Joseph Houston, with video by Grant Archer.

Check it out here –


We have been blown away by so many Leading Ladies like Rebecca Trehearn in Rags last year! Which leading lady left you starstruck at Hope Mill ?

And not forgetting those leading men, like Jonathan Carlton as the title role in Pippin! Which of our leading men took your breath away here at the mill?

We’ve seen some gorgeous love stories play out on our stage, like this one from Yank! back in 2017! Which on stage romance melted your heart at Hope Mill?

To give you a taste! Don’t miss our trip down memory lane; follow HMT on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 


Wanting to Help?

If you want to help Hope Mill, there are so many simple ways that are effective and help us keep things moving.

  1. Offer to credit your account rather than a refund. Having money you’ve spent on tickets ‘credited’, rather than refunded, means you can still use this value at a later date and the money stays within Hope Mill’s cashflow, rather than being removed. We completely understand that audience need refunds in this time. But this is one small, simple way to help, if anyone is in the position to.
  2. Become a Member. If you’ve always thought about becoming a member, but never had the time to action it, now is the perfect time! Read about our packages, or email us on
  3. Spread the Word: if you’re not in a position to support financially, but know someone who is and loves theatre, maybe tell them about Hope Mill and encourage them to take up a membership. They won’t regret it!
  4. Help us Share. Support doesn’t have to be financial. When you see Hope Mill announcements, or support packages, or even a nice memory, it would mean a lot to ‘share’. Helping us spread the word means we can reach more people, and the chances of Hope Mill surviving this period are increased.


To all our community, again, thank you. We hope you are all coping okay in this very strange and uncertain time.  We are here, keeping the cogs turning, and will speak soon!

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